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This individually made set makes a perfect gift for a son or daughter, a quirky personalized Valentine or even a special gift to yourself. Go to designbyme. It will walk you through the steps of imagining, building and ordering your own custom LEGO sets.

This webpage also offers information on how you can create a custom set, answers frequently asked questions, and provides users with a message board to connect with other users or get in-depth customer support. Get Digital Designer. Downloading the program gives you access to virtual versions of almost every brick, plate and piece that LEGO makes. It lets you digitally build anything you can imagine being made of LEGO.

Downloading this program takes only a few minutes and offers hours of fun on its own. With the nearly limitless assortment of bricks in Digital Designer, you are free to build anything your mind can imagine. Virtual LEGO bricks are arranged, stacked and built just like real bricks, and preset models can help you get started. Order your custom set. Your uploaded model can be saved for later or purchased on the spot.

Sometimes, a particular piece will be out of stock. In these instances, there is no way to cancel your order, but you will be notified immediately, and LEGO promises that your piece will be back in stock within eight weeks. Design the package. Further customization tools allow you to design the package for your custom set, letting you use images, photographs and lettering to give your LEGO package the professional touch.

One optional item you can include with the package is a building guide, offering illustrated instructions for building your unique LEGO model. Brian Westover is a freelance writer, editor and publication designer. He has been writing professionally sinceand has written for businesses, blogs, newsletters, and individuals. He is currently studying communications and journalism at Brigham Young University - Idaho. By: Brian Westover Updated April 12, Share It.

Things You'll Need.

custom lego building

About the Author. Photo Credits.Unless otherwise stated, all kits come unassembled, include printed building instructions, and come in a sealed package. Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down most of our operations from Friday March 27th through at Preorder the Fokker Dr. Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down most of our operations from Friday March 27th This is a prototype model and elements are subject to change.

custom lego building

Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be All Rights Reserved. Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down most of our operations from Friday March 27th through at least Monday April 13th Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down most of our operations from Friday Please note that First appearing on the scene Please note that pursuant to orders from the State of Minnesota Brickmania will be shutting down most of our operations from Friday March 27th through at least Monday April 13th.

This will mean that preorders may be completed and shipped late as a result Designed for aircraft carrier The Ontos Designed to While never designed to battle heavy German armor, this model was more capable than Designed for quick movement, this 75mm gun could be broken down into several pieces to enable ease of transport by simple wheeled carriages or pack animals when traveling over rough terrain.

As period artillery was difficult and heavy to move, this This kit includes the parts and instructions to build the game piece, as well as an exclusive Type 4 Ho-Ro Micro-tank collectible game card for our This kit includes the parts and instructions to build the game piece, as well as an exclusive M7 Priest collectible game card for our upcoming Bricks of War Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0.

Purchase Redeem Check Balance. Kit Archives. Heads Legs Torso. Cat Wearables. Cat View all Brands. Brickmania sku: BKM Pre-Order Now. Add to Cart.Tell all your friends! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. T Snowspeeder. Poseable Microscale Millennium Falcon. Technic Corvette C1. Kinetic Sculpture. Poseable Mario. Vintage Bugatti. Rose in a dome. Motorized Technic Bus.

Microscale Helicopter. Minifigure-scale chairs. Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer. Retro Typewriter. Mini T Snowspeeder. Microscale Naboo Starfighter. Cuckoo from Clock. Brickheadz Santa. Orange Fish. White Reindeer. Shield Helicarrier. Jurassic Park Jeep. Outlaw Spaceship. Stephen Hawking. Cassette Tape. M-6 Carnifex Pistol from Mass Effect. Blue Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. Heart-eyes Emoji. Rubber Ducky. Ronin Mech from Titanfall 2.

Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time. Catbug from Bravest Warriors. The Brothers Brick Mascot A. Vintage Tatra Fire Truck. Oliver Twist the Pug Dog.Running out of drawing ideas? This 7 Drawing Ideas Ebook will provide stunning and funny recommendations to keep your creativity flowing!

Interestingly, a lot of them out there are Ikea hacksā€¦. Ikea hack! I also kind of want to live in that little Lego world. My son tends to play with his Legos all over the place, so a smaller table area is better for us. If you need to save some space and not have yet another furniture item on your floor, this is a cool idea to tuck onto an extra wall space.

Now this one from That Mommy Blog is interesting because you can change the height of the table as your kids grow, and holy NUTS, look at all that storage. This is a great small table and it uses the ubiquitous Ikea Lack side table. This might actually be perfect for us. The DIY Lego traythat you can stash under your couch.

This DIY play table has an amazing number of drawers, which are feature 1 to look for in Lego tables. You could slap some Lego plates on top of this and call it a day. It would look cute with a little chair or kid ottoman. Hot dog, this setup is pretty cool. Neat, clean, contained, simple. I adore this Lego table. I like the clean white, grey, red, too, and that the table is keeping the scary door to the crawl space firmly closed.

How amazing is this table and storage setup?

custom lego building

This is a brilliant way to turn an ugly old coffee table into a lovely, fresh Lego table. Another Ikea hack, this one includes a cool track. From Organzia. Found on Etsy by Design Different.

Oh yeah, and if you like to see all the cool DIY Lego table ideas, but ultimately just sort of want to buy one, these Lego trays are from Etsy seller Freestyle Mom and can be personalized! Time to head on over and buy more Legos?Let's be honest, we all love LEGO minifigures, but now and again, you just want something different, something special.

Well, we've got it all right here! Check out the 's of totally bespoke minifigures we've got on offer that you won't find anywhere else!

Find LEGO MOCs with Building Instructions

The Minifigure has evolved from an awesome toy, in to a powerful and just as awesome gift. We use the latest and greatest printing tech, to design figures based on your requirements and needs and with low minimum order quantities, they make the perfect gift for your event!

Every time you buy a minifigure, you'll earn Minibucks which can then be used to get great discounts on future minifigures. Theres something about the little guys and girls that we just love. We've always had a desire to create our own beyond what came with a set, it started off by just swapping heads and hairs or adding accessories to it, but quickly grew into a full time, award winning business.

Unofficial LEGO Architecture Set Guide

We now offer some of the best custom minifigures on the interwebs; all printed no stickers! Galactic Headhunter View Product.

Brickman 47 View Product. The Redeemed Outlaw View Product. Groovy Slasher View Product. The Silent Scientist View Product. John Brick View Product. The 13th Traveller View Product. Custom Minifigures. Create Your Own Custom Minifigure The Minifigure has evolved from an awesome toy, in to a powerful and just as awesome gift. Find Out More Worldwide Shipping. Find out more. Minifigures Newsletter.

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Lego Insanity - Massive Custom Lego Builds - Bricks Cascade 2017

It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm curious how best to proceed with my own creations. I have several ideas that I want to take a stab at implementing but know I probably don't have the all bricks I need. I am not new to LEGO, but I am definitely new to building high quality custom creations and am a little unsure where to start. I personally prefer to get my LEGO bricks out and just start building, this usually doesn't turn out exactly how I want initially, but I will take the bits I like and try again; building multiple versions to find what I like and come up with a finished item.

For larger builds, I will break it down into specific areas or elements to focus on and then work to integrate the sections when I am happy with each. I have used these to start from scratch to generate a finished design, to generate a rough idea before moving onto the bricks, or to organize existing elements together into a larger build. Depending on your experience they can be very useful tools not just for planning, but to generate build directions, parts lists, or high quality renders of you creation.

They will come with a large number of Lego pieces and colors allowing you to experiment beyond the Lego you have. They are a little cumbersome for certain advanced SNOT techniques but can generally do most things Lego would.

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custom lego building

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Related Hot Network Questions.This was a very fun build, utilizing my knight Lego pieces and other miscellaneous bricks. It took me anywhere between 40 to 60 hours to complete the model, spread out over about two weeks. My creation is built on a table that is 35 inches wide and 60 inches long. It was worth all the time it took to make the model, and I hope you like it!!

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The first part of my build consisted of me gathering up all my knight Lego sets and other pieces that I would need. I gathered my base plates and set them all out on my table. The second phase of my build was to create the foundation for the inner fortress and the area for the dungeon. I used colored bricks for the main foundation, then I added some grey bricks to create the look I desired.

After the main foundation was in place, I added the dungeon walls and the door to the dungeon. The third part of my build was creating the foundation for the castle walls. Building this was similar to the fortress foundation, the difference was that I had to stack the colored bricks across each other to make a strong platform for the flat grey bricks.

The fourth section of my build was creating the castle walls, gate, and towers. I started by building the basic structure of the walls on each side, then I built the towers structure and went on to put in the gate. After the gate was in place I finished the towers.

Finally, I put in all the decoration pieces on the walls, towers, and the gate. The fifth step of the my plan was to build the dungeon. The main design has three pillars, the jail walls and detailing of furniture in the cells: bed, table, and chairs. The sixth part of the castle was to create the detachable inner fortress. I started by creating the foundation, then I built up to where the platform was put in, and finally I built the decorative pieces.

In the seventh stage, I designed some extra structures like this house. Inside the house there is a fireplace, a bed, a table, stools, and a little dresser. The individualized buildings were added to the model in the eighth step. There is a total of three buildings: a house, a stable, and a mill. A small farm is also present growing carrots, tomatoes, and corn. The ninth phase was to cover the remaining gray patches. I used tan, green, dark green, and brown flat bricks.

During this step, a pond was created next to the mill.

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